The Money You Lose from Not Flossing Your Teeth Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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Bad health habits, like not flossing, hurt your physical and mental mojo—and pummel your wallet. Stay far ahead of these big-time money and wellness suckers. Note: All costs are average.


Yup, if lax brushing (and flossing) leads to tooth decay, you may need a root canal, which can cost you $1,500. What's more, people with gum disease have higher chances of developing heart disorders—and coronary bypass surgery can cost up to $48,500. Your move: Floss daily in an up-and-down motion between your teeth; the common back-and-forth sawing tactic can abrade enamel. And wait to brush 30 minutes after swallowing something acidic (wine, coffee, citrus fruits) to avoid pushing acid into your teeth.