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Dental caries is the scientific term for tooth decay or cavities. Tooth cavity is caused when specific types of bacteria produced acid destroys the tooth’s enamel and its underlying layer, the dentin.

Our Procedure

Yonsei E-Zone Dental Seoul Cavity Care

1. Cavities are discovered on your tooth.
2. The first step of cavity treatment is removing the decay.
3. When the decay has spread to the tooth's pulp, root canal treatment may be advised.
4. The cavity is then replaced with a resin, filling or crown.*

* One approach to fill in the cavity is to use fillings. If a decay is too large for fillings, then the tooth can be repaired with a crown. 

Our Price

          Resin:                  ₩ 100,000 per unit

          Gold Inlay:         ₩ 300,000 per unit
          Zirconia Inlay:  ₩ 300,000 per unit
          Resin Filling:     ₩ 300,000 per unit

          Gold Crown:        ₩500,000 per unit
          Zirconia Crown: ₩500,000 per unit

*Please note that prices may be subject to change (±15%) depending on the size of your tooth and you will be notified fully of any changes before your treatment begins

Preventing Cavities



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